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        About Us

        Xiangtan Xiangyi Instrument Co., Ltd.

        Xiangtan xiangyi instrument limited company is state-owned xiangtan instrument apparatus factory xianglan group to change the system a set to set up, province instrument gauge in Hunan manufacturing profession association managing irector's unit.The factory starts to set up in 1970, strong technique, abundant of instrument manufacturing the content has already had become the porcelain and ceramics of well-known, have no machine material experiment instrument profession produce factory, the domestic goes together an industry comprehensive the real strenght keep to lead level.

              More than 30 in the last years, my company takes aim at tightly and tightly advanced level at home and abroad, falling in love to concentrate on a porcelain and ceramics, having no machine nonmetal material and casting experiment instrument and other laboratory kit instrument of the development and the research.The product has becomes near ten major type, 100 various products, among them,20 various products fill up local blank, having the honor of acquiring each reward with ministries and commissions, province and city once and for many times. The product sells as far as the whole whole country, and batch quantity export.Extensively applied use in day with building porcelain and ceramics, industrial porcelain and ceramics, fire-proof material, foundry etc. profession and related and high etc. college, research hospital, product quality check bureau(school), the immigration examines medical inspection bureau, obtaining good and economic performance and social performance.





        Address:Add:No.168 Xiaotang east road,German Industrial Park,Xiangtan City,Hunan,China
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